Our mission at the Historic Forks of the Wabash is to preserve, protect and enhance this geographical site in order to interpret related cultural history.

Historic Forks especially recalls that uneasy era in the 1840s when the first permanent white settlers were beginning to arrive in a land which no longer belonged to the Indians but was still occupied by them. It is also the story of a great canal, the longest in the western hemisphere, which brought in the eager pioneers and carried their products back to the populous east.

Historic Forks of the Wabash pays tribute to two hundred years of settlement by the Miami Indians, to the woodsmen and traders who first brought western goods and ideas to this land, to the craftspeople and laborers who built the canal and the towns, to the businesspeople and farmers who brought prosperity to the Wabash Valley, and to the school teachers and artists who brought Western culture to these lands.

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